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Stop wishing. Start Doing.

Now is the time to be intentional with your life and the direction you are heading. Whether you are starting a new venture or exiting an old scene, partner with me, and let’s make sure you stay on track.

Daugther. Big Sister. Auntie. Cousin. Friend.

Just a few of the titles I am blessed to have.  Also, titles that have helped refine me into the fearless person I am today.

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Check out the Insightful Perspectives Podcast.  Hear from my mentees and friends about navigating through life in their 20s and beyond.

About Jamie Gathing

Cheerleader | Visionary |  Friend

I am passionate about helping individuals navigate their way in, through, and out of _________.  With over 15 years of coaching and collegiate academic advising experience, I know the ins and outs of helping people reach their goals.  I share my professional and personal experiences to encourage you to _________________.  “Control the controllable” is a mantra I live by.  Why? I’ve learned to ____________ create the best possible by life for myself and that is impossible attempting to worry about everyone else.  ____________________.


The Insightful Perspectives Podcast

Join Jamie every week for a new episode where she and her guest hosts will drop some knowledge worthy gems and keep it real with you about navigating your way through college.