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There’s no mistake your searching has navigated you here, so let’s take advantage of this momentum and schedule some sessions.  If you are a tad bit hesitant don’t forget that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…so no more sitting on the sidelines, get to shooting your shot, and moving closer to your goals. 

Looking forward to meeting with you soon!

pick my brain

Do you have a one-time question or want to see if we would be a perfect fit for ongoing Navigation Sessions?  If so, book a time to pick my brain.  In this 30-minute session I will help you navigate through whatever is on your mind and in your heart.


navigation session

Do you have a more complex situation to work through or are you looking to dive a little deeper into what’s going on?  During this 60-minute session our time together will be broken down into the following three areas where 1) you will have the opportunity to share all that is going on, 2) we’ll create a plan of action, and 3) discuss your next steps.


navigation session – 3 pack

Good things come in threes so why not book a few at a time?  With this convenient package you will receive three 60-minute sessions and we will follow the same format of a single navigation session.  However, the benefit of a three pack is nothing other than our friend, accountability.  If you want to stay on track and not derail, consider booking a 3 pack once a month.  


Live Zoom Meeting

Have Jamie join your live virtual meeting.  Jamie will encourage your group or team based on your preferences and everyone will leave inspired and ready to conquer their day.

Price varies depending on the size of the group, message requirements, and availability.


In-Person Speaking

Price is based on travel distance.  Please fill out the questionnaire by selecting the button below and we will be in touch about getting something scheduled.

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is this for you?

Are you charting new territory?

Attending a new school?  Starting a new job? When we start new ventures we sometimes need a little guidance in getting the ball rolling.  Attempting to make a master plan can be daunting.  Moreover, attempting to do so in your head is catastrophic.  Let me help you map out your plans and get off to a great start.

Do you need accountability?

Are you a pro at getting started? But find yourself lagging a few weeks or months in? Let me assist you in staying motivated.  We’ll chart out a plan of action and meet to discuss your to-do list items and review next steps.

Are you stuck in a Rut?

Constantly finding yourself going in circles trying to solve a problem or figure something out? Grab an outside perspective, let’s diagnose the issue, and get you back on track.

Do you need a Cheerleader?

Is your support system not as strong as you’d like? Let me fill in the gaps and provide guidance and encouragement along your journey.  You don’t have to do this alone!

need help navigating life?

Now is the time to be intentional with your life and the direction you are heading.  Whether you are starting a new venture or exiting an old scene, partner with me, your personal GPS…aka Navigation Coach, and let’s make sure you stay on track.

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“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”